Industry Professionals


“Barbara, Ray and Karen are legends in Hollywood and a huge gift to Atlanta. Their experience is a treasure and beyond valuable. Barbara and Karen as Casting Directors/Producers and Ray as a Director all know how to work with actors and know what is expected from the audition to the booking. They are caring, honest, have great integrity and walk in excellence. Our client has been training with the Divisek’s and has just arrived in LA. He hit the ground running in commercials and Film and TV in his first weeks. I’ve known and worked with them for over 23 years and I know they are the BEST!!”

- Cindy Osbrink at  The Osbrink Agency


“As a talent manager with offices in Los Angeles and Atlanta, I am thrilled that Barbara Divisek, her sister, Karen, and husband Ray Bengston, have opened up Atlanta Acting Arts in Atlanta. This team has worked with my clients in Los Angeles for over 20 years and now bring their excellence and coaching skills to Atlanta's acting community! Win Win!!”

- Eileen O’Farrell
Eileen O’Farrell Talent Management


“The Divisek‘s are icons in the entertainment industry. They have insider’s knowledge of the casting, directing and producing process. I recommend them to all for their insight and ability to help anyone from a newcomer to a seasoned veteran. They teach with humor and compassion. Their many years of experience in the industry speaks volumes about how respected they are.”

- Jody Alexander
Clear Talent Group


“If you are among those fortunate enough to avail yourself of Ms. Barbara Divisek's mighty teaching abilitiy, do NOT miss such an opportunity!  Ms. Divisek cast many, many commercial projects in the major market of Los Angeles when commercial casting was still in its early years.  For a long time, she and her sister, partner Karen Divisek, were among the busiest and the best of the commercial casting companies.  When she transitioned into teaching the fine art of auditioning for and booking commercial jobs, lots and lots of actors benefited from her expertise in knowing what advertisers want and her ability to communicate it clearly, effectively and with great warmth and humor to those in her classes.  Now Atlanta is lucky to have her.  Take advantage of the wonderful resource now residing among you, people!” 

- Joan Messinger
Pinnacle Talent


As an agent for over 35 years I can honestly say that the Diviseks’ are by far one best of all on camera casting companies  it was my joy to work with . They have one quality that is paramount in our business They Love Actors !!! They teach with love and cast with love . We miss them terribly here in LA – Atlanta you are so lucky!”

- Pat Brady
CESD Talent Agency


“Learn from the best of the West who now have Atlanta on their minds and hearts. Teachers that care are truly the finest to learn from especially when their backgrounds are so outstanding. Barbara, one of the top Casting Directors in Los Angeles gives us decades of her talent, especially her eye for talent. She knows the business inside and out and has the insight and style to bring out the very best in every actor/actress. Casting from the West Coast to the East Coast along side her producing skills has made her a force in our industry. Karen, from her early days managing The Actors Studio, has gathered more information on the art of acting then the average acting coach. Her talent makes her a perfect storm when it comes to both casting and coaching talent. Karen teaches in a style which is an eye opener for any actor/actress. She will guide you in how to breath life into a character through her technique. Ray is the Jack of ALL Trades and Master of them ALL! Being a director and acting coach, he knows what the producers and casting are looking for . Don't even get me started on his improv skills, which he gladly shares with us all.”

- Roger Reinhart and Gisela Shiffer
3G Management


“I cannot stress enough what truly great people Barbara and Ray are. My best testimony is that as a Talent Agent in LA, I always referred my clients to them. Atlanta you have gained an amazing, talented and genuinely kind duo! Best wishes for the great success you both deserve!”

- Kris Murrell
Synergy Talent


“Incredible coaches, teachers and inspiration, as well as being two of the most wonderful people in the world. Cannot recommend them highly enough. Our loss in L.A. is Atlanta's gain!!”

- Colleen McDonnell
Casting Associate


"Divisek Casting has provided us with the best by far in video taped auditions and coaching for the camera.  No one else has come close.  Barbara and Karen Divisek's vast experience in casting over the years, combined with Ray Bengston's natural ease of direction is unparalleled in our industry”.

- Tory Christopher at Tory Christopher Group

Workshop Testimonials 

Cindy Osbrink 2 .jpg

Cindy Osbrink // Pilot Season Workshop 

Thank you so much Joy for allowing us the opportunity to attend a Pilot season workshop with Cindy. She was very insightful and gave us loads of information. We are preparing our team for our trip to LA. If we don't go January 2017, we are definitely going January 2018 when Ajia turns 9! 
- Ajia Johnson
The best of the recent training was yesterday with Cindy Osbrink.  She was absolutely amazing!  Mom and I took pages and pages of notes.  She shared so much applicable information about getting ready for Pilot Season.  Of course, she suggested to the parents that they should not go to LA for pilot season unless your talent already has LA representation.  She talked about preparation and that you need to have everything in order before you hit the ground in LA.  
- Lindsay Anabel Gary
I wanted to let you that Cindy's workshop was amazing! I took several pages of notes, and I absolutely fell in love with her. I think that Betsy did really well with the taped interview she did while we were there.  After the workshop, I let Cindy know that we were looking for representation in LA, and she said to have you or Cinda call her. I was hoping that you could talk to her about Betsy when you get a chance.  If you don't feel comfortable recommending Betsy, I totally understand and can ask Cinda to call her. Let me know what you think :)
- Betsy Sligh
I don't even know how to begin to thank you but you were 100% right about Ms. Osbrink...I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HER!! She has such an amazing spirit just like you guys and I love that about this entire journey. I could NEVER ask for anything better than what God has already given us and I THANK YOU ALL FOR THAT!! 
- Cali Campos
We attended the Cindy Osbrink Workshop this past weekend! She is so cool, and shared valuable information for pilot season in general, but specifically in LA. It really opened our eyes to the reality and opportunities of going to LA for a pilot season (Jan-April). We're not in a rush, but we were strongly considering going in 2018 (Leiloni would be 8), or even later if you recommended. We are actually from Sacramento/Oakland CA, but we have family and friends in LA. Until then, we are having a great time in the Atlanta Market, and are focused on building Leiloni's craft and resume here! 
- Leiloni Pharms