Introduction to the Method Acting Technique with Lucia Scarano!

  • Tap into your own life experience to make creative character choices

  • Using sense memory to discover inner sources for the truth in your work

  • Develop skills that enable you to create truth in your work

  • Discover the “Magic IF”

  • Learn to FEEL to make it REAL for your character

  • Learn techniques for relaxation

Students will bring a personal object to class (Ex. a piece of jewelry, a coffee mug, a photograph) that has an emotional impact on them. And they’ll learn how to use their memories associated with that object in alignment with the character they’re portraying to make their performance truthful.


July 26, 2018


For Ages 18+ 

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Lucia Scarano’s passion for acting stems from the thrill of exploring the human condition and the “Eureka!” moments that happen along the way. As an instructor, she thrives on helping actors take their own “canvas” and paint it with their own personal truths to create a masterpiece with each unique character. Scarano holds a degree in theater and was trained in New York City at Terry Schreiber Studios. Her recent credits include Vice Principals, starring Danny McBride, Ithaca, starring Tom Hanks and Red Band Society, starring Octavia Spencer to name a few.