Actor Feedback


"Wanted to give a proper acknowledgement to Barbara, Karen and Ray at Atlanta Acting Arts. My daughter who is only 7 took one class and learned so much she booked her first commercial just a week later. The confidence she now has and the expert guidance she has received in a very short time frame will be invaluable to her future endeavors. Thanks so much!"

 - Stephen Beardslee


Thanks to Barbara Divisek and Ray at Atlanta Acting Arts for the super awesome coaching and taping; I got a callback on my first Atlanta audition! Y'all are the bomb diggidy! AAA is the perfect place for honesty and real growth in your craft. It's hard to find people in the industry who genuinely care about you and your time and Barb, Ray and Karen do. The classes are productive, fun and totally rockin'! Definitely the place to be at in the ATL area.

- Alysia Lucas


“I just wanted to thank you, again, for the opportunity to take a class with you tonight! I can't even tell you how much I enjoyed it! I learned so much about listening and being in the moment, and little things to be aware of during the audition process that I never even considered before. But, what I enjoyed the most was your enthusiasm. Your deep and genuine passion for the craft was so refreshing; I could feel your love and joy in every word you spoke!

I will wake up tomorrow better than I was today, thanks to everything I learned from you tonight!”

– Jessica Thompson

“I also wanted to thank you for the experience yesterday. There is nothing better then walking away from a class or workshop feeling challenged and extremely accomplished.”
– Ben Silver
“Thank you again for a wonderful class! I will absolutely tell all my friends what a great group you are.  I thoroughly enjoyed every second of the class and left with a ton of takeaways that I am excited to add to my arsenal for an audition I have next Tuesday.  I look forward to walking in with confidence and establishing my "where".”
Thank you again!”
– Ben Thomas
“It was an experience that left me feeling challenged and enthusiastic.  The three of you offered really important and relevant information that's hard to find in this industry.  I believe you all want us to be the best versions of ourselves and you provide ways and tools for us to accomplish that. It was a memorable opportunity and I look forward to working with you all again. Please send my thanks to Barbara and Karen and let them know how much I appreciated their insight. I will definitely recommend Atlanta Acting Arts, even though I'm not a fan of sending other actors to a place where they can thrive and eventually become my competition.”
– Vanessa French
“They were positive and a joy. I highly recommend working with them to my fellow actors. They are just now setting up here instead of L.A.  They have classes, coaching, headshots/slate shots and demo reels. Thanks again and be great!”
– John Schmedes
“Heidi & I just wanted to say thanks for putting on the workshop this evening. We had a great time getting to know you all and learn a few things to help in our auditions. Thanks for taking the time to do that!”
– Mike Stoudt
"Loved hearing your great advice and insight. We really appreciate it and glad you’re in Atlanta!”
– Heidi Rew
“You guys! Thank you so much for teaching such an awesome class at the SAG-AFTRA conservatory! I had so much FUN! Atlanta is lucky to have you.”
– April Billingsley