Directed self-tapings

Auditioning for a pilot or feature film?  We have you covered.  Call us to set up an appointment to tape your audition and we will work with you.  We take care of the audio, lighting, and camera work.  All you need to do is come in character and be prepared to take direction.

 $1 per minute with a minimum of $20.

$20 surcharge for off-hour tapings.

**Actors MUST send their sides and taping instructions they have received to prior to being taped. We are not responsible for taping errors if the actor does not provide the proper materials. Please note it is VERY important to follow the casting directors instructions when auditioning whether it be in-person or taped.

Slate Shots

Bring you headshot to life.  Help casting directors know what you truly look and sound like with a slate shot. 

$25 per slate shot

Demo Reels

Need help selecting works for your demo reel.  Our editing team will be able to guide you and select the best works for your montage.

Private Coaching

$100 per hour. 

$80 per hour for current students. 

Contact us to book your session.


How to Book your appointment

Contact us to schedule your private coaching, self-tape, slate shot, or to inquire about building a demo reel.