JULY 2018! 


 Classes will be held at our new location.

1810 Water Place Suite #250 Atlanta, GA 30339.

On Camera Auditioning
This class taught by Barbara Divisek focuses on acting for television and film. Students will learn the language of film as well as camera techniques. This class addresses character development, relationships, listening, uncovering emotions, theatrical auditioning techniques, making choices and commitment. 

Improv for Auditions
Actors will use improv and apply it to various theatrical and commercial audition scenarios. The class focuses on being in the moment, making quick choices, reactions, commitment, and making use of “yes and” while keeping denial out. This class is offered for adults taught by Ray Bengston and Tween and Teens by Ben Silver.

Mastering that Under-5

Here in the South East we have a lot of opportunity to audition for "Under 5's" those smaller , yet vital role's of delivering information, moving conflict forward or to present it, or bridging a transition. THEY are still human beings which deserve respect. Lets explore how to develop this type of role without pulling any focus, yet adding to the whole! This 2-week class is taught by Cindy Hogan and is for ages 16+.

Accessing Emotions

Getting to the emotional state that fits your circumstance in any given scene is half the battle for a skilled actor. Then you need to know how to let it go and do it again - take after take.  This 3-week class taught by Cindy Hogan offers techniques to help you do just that! You'll also learn ways to ensure those emotions are authentic, so the camera doesn't catch you acting.


Building a Strong Foundation

The FOUNDATION is everything, make sure it is strong! Through exercises and scene work, participants will be led to an understanding of how one access and connects to real emotion and a logival real world way to 'bring it' to the work. This 2-week class taught by Cindy Hogan offers techniques to help you do just that!This class is for ages 16+. 

-Not offered this month-

Method to the Madness

In this 6-week class taught by Lucia Scarano, students will tap into their own life experience to make creative character choices, use sense memory to discover inner sources for the truth in their work, develop skills that enable them to create truth in their work, discover the “Magic IF”, learn to FEEL to make it REAL for their character, and learn techniques for relaxation. This class is for ages 18+. 

*If you took the Intro to the Method Workshop, please contact us prior to registration for a $25 discount!

-Not offered this month-

The MAGIC If...

What if….you can create a character using your imagination? What if….you can create a character using improv? What if….you can do both?! Think outside the box! This class is for ages 9-15 and is taught by Lucia Scarano and Ray Bengston.

-Not offered this month-

Scene Study

In this 3-week class taught by Cindy Hogan, students will fine tune their foundation, explore character development and script analysis, and present a solid finished piece to be taped. We will explore what each student needs/wants to work on. Scenes will be chosen and we will dive deep into the character development process establishing relationships, objectives, and adding physicality.

-Not offered this month-

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